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JaneSue Shumway
September 17, 1952 Administrative Assistant @ School Board of Sarasota Divorced 2
Am waiting very impatiently for grand children!
Gregg M has graciously suggested African Fertility Dolls for them.   Anyone going to Africa, please keep me in mind.... we need 2!!!!

Does any one know where to find Rick Sapp or Larry Neubauer????   If so, could you please give me their contact info?     Thank you.
See you all at the reunion!
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Yvonne Smith
November 01, 1952 Retirement Analyst 1
I really enjoyed the Friday evening event.  It was great seeing friends!!! Send Yvonne a MessageSend Yvonne a Message
Louis (Whit) Southwick
December 11, 1952 Sel Employed Married 1
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June 13, 1952 Single Again 3
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March 03, 1952 Information Technology Married 2 two foster grandchildren, boy and a girl
Hello everyone, my wife (Sue Canada from Riverview) and I are still in the wonderful state of Alabama (Roll Tide) Our kids are now out on their own so, now we have Sue's Mom and Dad living next door to us. It's that time if you know what I'm saying. Sue and I are still singing and making music, Praising God through song and still enjoying it. Click here to read my experince from the 20 year Reunion Send BUTCH a MessageSend BUTCH a Message
Wendy Cunningham (Warren)
June 03, 1952 LPN Married
Working at SMH since 1974. Have a daughter Lisa[was on SHS 1st all girls soccer team!!!] she has 2 kids,son Brian has 2 kids also and my youngest has no kids so maybe someday I'll have more GandBabies!!!! I have seen a few classmates over the years[Judy Cook and Carol Wolf] Friends since 3rd grade!!!!!!!.Looking forward to see more at our 40th!!!!! Send Wendy a MessageSend Wendy a Message
Bart Greenberg (Windrum)
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author/speaker Married 1
Hi all! This gray sheep married mid-30s and has celebrated 22 yrs. 20 y o daughter. Dropped outa FSU midstream and stayed on in Denver after a winter visit w/the folks in '73. Married into Boulder (a jewel at the fold of the continent) and am fortunate to live with the Flatirons as our backdrop, literally in their shadow. ||||| After a pair of unexpected terminal hospitalizations (my folks') in south FL, was sufficiently motivated to write Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One's End of Life Hospitalization, a book on how to advocate when hospitalized, and how to manifest the resolve to die peacefully. I now speak and present on these topics. ||||| Gave up drumming in my early 30s after all that time focusing to one or another degree on it. Had some ecstatic moments as a player. Perhaps after retirement will explore eMusic and real-time looping/layering. Traded the drums one Sunday afternoon for a large flat screen TV for my Netflix-addict wife's enjoyment. It was a good move; the kit my folks originally purchased at Jules' in downtown Sarasota had grown into a room-sized behemoth. ||||| Windsurfing is another delight (there's a surprisingly large Colorado contingent), albeit a challenging one to pursue. 2 days' drive equidistant between the Texas coast and the Columbia River Gorge, I usually hit one or the other annually...totally different sailing conditions (the Gorge is insane). ||||| If you come to the Front Range, lemme know. Send Bart a MessageSend Bart a Message
steve wood
June 25, 1952 Medical equipment/supplies Married 2
Hi, everyone.  I live in Oxford, Mississippi with my wife of 29 years, Judy.  We have two great kids, Andrew, 23; and Natalie, 19.  After graduating from Ole Miss in '74, I've pretty much been in the Memphis, TN and Oxford area since.  Visit family in Miami frequently, but haven't been back to Sarasota much- except to see my buddy Bill Blough a couple of times.  I miss Sarasota, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  All the best. Send steve a MessageSend steve a Message
Paula Doyle (Zeanah)
December 20, 1952 professor/clinical psychologist/nurse Married 3
Even though I was only at SHS for a short while, it still holds a special place in my life. After high school, I went to Atlanta to nursing school. I worked there for about 4 years before I headed to Univ. of Virginia to obtain a master's degree in nursing. There, I met the man who would become my husband, Charley. We married in Durham, NC, and then went to California, where my first daughter Emily was born. After 4 years in the bay area, we moved to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We lived there for 8 years--I began that period by having my second daughter, Katy, and ended it by obtaining my PhD in clinical psychology from the Univ. of Conecticut and delivering my third daughter, Melanie. We moved to New Orleans nearly 18 years ago and have stayed put since! Charley is a child psychiatrist, and we both are on the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at Tulane Medical School; I work with medically ill children and also am the clinical director of a statewide nurse home visiting program that serves first time low income mothers.  Emily is now 28 and married (no children), Katy is 25 and lives in Ohio, and Melanie is 17, so yes, I am stilll actively parenting! Life is very hectic for us most of the time, but all in all, things are very good. Charley and I just celebrated 30 years of marriage, and when I can, I enjoy cooking, reading, running--and being with friends! Send Paula a MessageSend Paula a Message
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