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Christine Niederpruem
August 30, 1952 Retired teacher Divorced
Russell Page Proffitt
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January 20, 1952 Retired Married 1
Hello all, it's been a long time since Sarasota. I now live in Melbourne, Florida after living in the Tampa Bay area since graduating from high school. Between grandchildren and a few volunteer organizations I still keep very busy. My wife and I went to Europe a few years ago and used all things I learned from Southside Elementary thru Sarasota High. Thanks Teachers! I hope to see you all at the 40th reunion. (Check out my website to see more.) Send Russell Page a MessageSend Russell Page a Message
Malcolm Riddell
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November 11, 1952 Investment Banking in China Married
Greetings Classs of '70. My wife and I moved back to Sarasota a few years ago to be closer to my folks. And, we are very happy to be here.

My career has been a little varied--lawyer, CIA Case Officer and CIA Special Operations Reserve Officer, U.S. Delegate to the UN, and investment banker.

My career has been focused on China. And, I lived in China, Taiwan, and Korea for more than 15 years. I started my own company, RiddellTseng, in 1988 doing transactions between China and the west. Now that I am back in the States, besides work, I am also busy at Harvard involved in teaching and fellowships related to China.

I met my wife, Sojeong (in Korean) and Lara (in English--easier for my parents to pronounce) a dozen years ago in Seoul. I didn't know it was possible to have such a wonderful relationship! I will take great pleasure in introducing her to you all.

Now that we're back in Sarasota, we look forward to seeing all of you who are here and all of you who visit.

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September 19, 1952 Credit Union President Divorced 1
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Donald Saba
December 03, 1951 Real Estate Appraiser/Planner Married 4 9
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Greg Schlaf
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June 22, 1952 Federal Employee Married 1
Hi All!  40 how time flys.  Looking forward to seeing ya'll, and very sorry to have seen the names on the In Memorium list.  Props to the committee, you have set up an excellent web site. Send Greg a MessageSend Greg a Message
JaneSue Shumway
September 17, 1952 Administrative Assistant @ School Board of Sarasota Divorced 2
Am waiting very impatiently for grand children!
Gregg M has graciously suggested African Fertility Dolls for them.   Anyone going to Africa, please keep me in mind.... we need 2!!!!

Does any one know where to find Rick Sapp or Larry Neubauer????   If so, could you please give me their contact info?     Thank you.
See you all at the reunion!
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JaneSue Shumway
September 17, 1952 Sarasota School bd admin asst Divorced 2
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Yvonne Smith
November 01, 1952 Retirement Analyst 1
I really enjoyed the Friday evening event.  It was great seeing friends!!! Send Yvonne a MessageSend Yvonne a Message
Louis (Whit) Southwick
December 11, 1952 Sel Employed Married 1
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